At beam&bloom, we find our inspiration in your story.


Beams represent strength, structure, support and the balance that keeps us safe and secure. Blooms represent beauty, color, life and the delight that brings us joy. So, beam&bloom is, in a name, the balance and delight that we aim to bring to every space that we design.


We work across genres with a simple eclectic aesthetic and an eye for bringing your personality into your space. Our team aims to work wonders within your budget, and honor your heart and home with focused attention and genuine interest in harmonizing your environment and your lifestyle. The comfort and clarity of a stylized and organized dwelling can inspire you, and give you the time and opportunity to find that same comfort and clarity within your daily life. 


If you need an expert eye to help you finesse your furnishings and decor, we specialize in editing the home environment. With a little time and care, we have a talent for maximizing what you've got and guiding you to the perfect purchases to take your home, office, set or event space to the next level. 


If your goal is to maximize your real estate investment for re-sale, beam&bloom can help you re-imagine your space to meet its potential and the expectations of buyers. We specialize in determining color schemes, editing and recommending furnishings and decor, and highlighting necessary improvement projects. Beam&bloom works with the things that you already have to keep costs low, and to encourage your money to be spent where you will see the most return. Chat with your designer, then schedule a Home Staging Consultation to get a descriptive proposal for your project and a personalized quote.

Awards and Achievements

About Noel Gatts

Founder / Principal Designer at beam&bloom


Noel has had the opportunity to creatively serve a myriad of clients over the past few successful years since launching beam&bloom interior design. In a short time, she has earned recognition and awards for service and design, and developed lasting relationships in her local and “digital” communities. Noel was inspired by her quest to "nest" through years of travel. She and her husband began their NYC adventure as touring Singer/Actors, with little chance to live in a space that represented their personal style. As finances and circumstances improved, her family purchased their 3 bedroom 1941 colonial "fixer upper" in the lively and quaint Brookdale neighborhood of Bloomfield, New Jersey, and the home styling adventure began. As with any home, the list of desired and required projects goes on and on. By checking off her list, spending several years working for experienced designers and home stagers, and taking on several renovations, Noel learned to make the biggest impact with what is available.  beam&bloom is her passion project and her mission to share her experience with clients, and harmonize their heart with their environment.

Meet Team beam&bloom


Derek G.


He works in a leadership role in the Corporate World, but manages to support this little company that his wife dreamed up with his heart, time and expertise. His talent for business, management and web design are invaluable, and his ability to put things in perspective is vital.


Liz F.


Liz brings an eye for style and an affinity for clean lines to her work with beam&bloom. Her background in fashion, writing and personal styling lends itself perfectly to the visual creativity of interior styling. Additionally, as a mom of 3 boys she understands that function and practicality play a crucial role in the effective design of any well loved space. She is a stellar and stunning human being who’s fresh ideas and talents have proven invaluable.


Kristin K.


Kristin has been a coveted local hair stylist with a loyal and loving clientele for years, and her artistic talents cross creative genres. She is fierce and fantastic in every way, running marathons and crushing goals with her boundless energy. Her passion for interiors, her personality and her natural eye make her a perfect fit for beam&bloom and our mission to bring “strength and beauty” into every design.


Liz L.


Liz Lee transitioned from a full time corporate career to a full time mom of 3 beautiful boys. She has always had a flair for fashion and interiors, and her ability to express herself through color, texture and line meld perfectly with our mission. Her keen eye for incorporating various elements of our design ensure maximized style and utility. She brings beauty, heart and calm to every experience that we share, and to every home that we visit.


Noel is probably one of the most patient and productive home professionals we’ve ever worked with. She not only listened to what we were hoping to create but she understood the look and helped us formulate it with clarity. She is resourceful and pragmatic and delivers with reliability and an upbeat attitude that is so important since design can be stressful! Not only are we satisfied with our experience with her but we keep coming back for more! Thanks Noel!!
— L.S.
I love to decorate and for the 1st time, I seemed to hit a wall with what I wanted to do with my space. I reached out to Noel and within 24 hours, received lots of great ideas along with the links to purchase items she was suggesting. One of her ideas (to have a cabinet built in next to my fireplace) was brilliant! Highly recommend Beam & Bloom. Noel loves what she does and it shows!
— G.S.
Noel came in after a remodel. Our goal was to keep what we love and replace the rest on a budget. She suggested a great mix of hi-lo style. Noel makes everything we have seem new again and finds new pieces that look like we’ve had them forever. Highly recommend for her professionalism, promptness and taste!
— H.A.
Noel is fantastic! She listens closely and aligns with our vision. Noel was very easy to work with, great communication and overall, just a sweet person!
— M.S.
It has been a pleasure to work with Noel and Beam & Bloom. We have found her very intuitive and able to articulate our desired aesthetic in ways that we are simply not able. She is responsive, accommodating and most importantly, makes the process simple and stress free. We look forward to working with her on the rest of our home.
— W.J.
When we put our house up for sale, we wanted to show our home in the best possible light. We needed a home stylist to help us solve some of our tougher spots - places in our home that had never functioned well and always looked messy. Noel effortlessly transformed chaotic corners into serene, functional spaces. Her brilliant stylist’s eye can see the potential in every room, whether she’s making big changes or subtle shifts. Now that I’ve experienced the beautiful, airy calm she helped us find in our home, I will definitely be looking to her when we set up our new house!
— L.S.
Noel has helped us on two occasions so far. We truly appreciate how she works with our style and budget to help us transform our home, and we hope to enlist her help again in the future!
— S.M.